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Frequently asked questions

How to participate in the e-Starter Program?

Please choose a plan that suits you, click to determine the number of machines required, and the length of participation period (in months). After payment is completed you are all set.

What’s the difference between part-time and full-time e-Starters?

In general, part-time plan suits e-Starters with less experience. And full-time plan better suits e-Starters with own gift supply.

How the revenue for each machine is calculated?

During the participation period, each game coin input is counted as an “input”, and each game coin is equal to HK $ 0.03. When a winning prize appears, the cost price of the gift is the “output”. Input minus output is the total revenue. Part-time operators receive 50% of total revenue, while full-time operators receive 100% of total revenue

Own gift supply

This applies only to the full-time e-Starter plan. Full-time e-Starter can provide gifts information: image, name, delivery, cost prices etc. at the management dashboard. Then the gifts will be displayed on the game information.

What is game coin resale?

For example, US$20 is required to purchase 2000Mcoins in the "Mighty Lucky" program. Part-time e-Starters and full-time e-Starters can lower the wholesale price to US$10.9 and US$9.6 respectively. And set a retail price for their customers for generally 15% -25% of retail profits.

How many crane games do I need?

Each crane game can handle 80,000 plays a month. You can decide for yourself based on the number of your customers and your marketing strategy. Generally speaking, 2 to 3 is the preferred number. Too few means lacking choices, while too much will be confusing.

How do players find my game?

During the participation period, each e-Starter will get a URL called "dedicated link". This dedicated link is the entrance to the mobile game Mighty Catcher. Players can see your game and play it after entering the URL.

What is a dedicated link?

In addition to providing an access to the game, another function of the dedicated link is for the sale of game coins. e-Starters can set the retail price of game coins without purchasing them in advance. When users order from you, they can obtain the game currency exchange code directly. Revenue and profit will be settled after the end of the month.

Do I need to set the input per play?

It depends on the cost of gifts and your marketing preferences. The input per play will directly affect the user's expectation. A relatively low input per play is generally adopted. Our professional team will assist you with the setup.

How to boost my business?

e-Starters can promote in any suitable place and media. To reach more people with your dedicated URL is the way to win.

Does it really run 24 hours a day?

We have staff and technicians to monitor all parts, props and program 24 hours a day. Except for regular maintenance and program update, services are available at all times.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions